1. 1CALLFix is a quality management company that works with a team of qualified servicemen (salaried\independent) registered on its network. A serviceman is registered on the 1CALLFix network only after he qualifies our quality parameters, and 1CALLFix regularly monitors the quality of the servicemen,
  2. 1CALLFix does not take responsibility for the work done by the independent servicemen.
  3. 1CALLFix is also a marketing company that provides customer’s access to servicemen, saves his time and hassle and provides servicemen access to work, employment and life stability
  4. Please ensure the availability of person at the time of service / work carried out.
  5. 1CALLFix or Servicemen are not responsible for any belongings lost at customer place during work.
  6. 1CALLFix only charges Rs 100 as booking charges, from the customer, for providing access to a serviceman at the customer’s doorstep, and takes a small fee from the servicemen for all the services rendered by the servicemen, to the customer. For all work conducted by 1CALLFix, 1CALLFix ensures; Free after sale support for conked off work, Safety of payment and advances, On time services delivery and Customer support.
  7. In the event, the amount of charges proposed by the servicemen, for provision of services, seems unacceptable/unreasonable/ non-competitive, then the customer can negotiate the same directly with servicemen and inform about the same to 1CALLFix. Pursuant to approval of the charges, by the customer and servicemen, the customer is liable to make the payment, in full, and thereafter no negotiation shall be entertained.
  8. Customers should discuss and fix the charges, for the service/work to be carried out, with servicemen before initiating the work. A reference rate card is available on the website for quantifiable jobs.
  9. Advance and Payments

(i) Servicemen sent by 1CALLFix are qualified professionals, and 1CALLFix takes no responsibility for money paid to them without informing 1CALLFix.
(ii) Payments should always be made in the mode as requested/described by 1CALLFix call centre, cash or cheque, otherwise 1CALLFix has no control.
(iii) Follow ups or confirmation for work carried out by the servicemen should only be communicated at the call centre number of 1CALLFix, in order to avoid any loss of time and money. 1CALLFix shall not be responsible for any call booked directly by the customer with the serviceman, as in such cases 1CALLFix has no control.
(iv) 1CALLFix takes complete responsibility and accountability for the services rendered directly thorough 1CALLFix. In case of any large value work /contractual work, to avoid any loss of pay, the payment should be made directly to 1CALLFix employee or by means of Cheque or DD issued in the name of 1CALLFix Services & Solutions LLP against which 1CALLFix shall issue an invoice, after levying/deducting appropriate applicable taxes.
(v) Work starts immediately after clearance of the cheque/DD

  1. For all the work carried out by the servicemen Invoice/Bill shall be given/issued by the servicemen, the invoice/bill may carry the 1CALLFix logo depicting that the serviceman is an 1CALLFix affiliate. If customer required an invoice via 1CALLFix then the same can be provided however appropriate taxes will be applicable.
  2. The minimum visiting charges for any bookings are Rs.100 – 150(based on distance) towards servicemen visitation charges, which are non-refundable but adjustable towards the services availed by the customer.

 (i) If the customer books a service but no work is carried out then customer must have to pay minimum visiting charges of Rs.100

(ii) If the customer does not pay visiting charges of Rs 100 – 150, 1CALLFix holds the rights to recover the said charges by legal means and also blacklist the said customer for providing any further services in the future.

  1. 1CALLFix does not deal into any kind of material. The customer should buy the material required, for carrying out the service, on their own. However on customers demand, 1CALLFix servicemen may arrange for the material at customer doorstep and the material provided shall be charged on actual basis, to the best of our knowledge. Further, in case the material bought gets damaged or stops working after completion of work, in that case 1CALLFix is not liable for any replacement or warranty of the product.
  2. Serviceman is liable for any damage by him, in occurrence of any such event the customer is requested to lodge a complaint against the technician and inform customer care centre. 1CALLFix is responsible to co-ordinate the delivery of the service to the customer by the vendor or in exceptional circumstances, arranges to refund the payment if made to 1CALLFix employee or via cheque.
  3. 1CALLFix gives a 7 days warranty for all services booked though 1CALLFix call centre or online. In case a record is not found in the system then 1CALLFix will not be liable for warranty. The decision of 1CALLFix will be considered as final.
  4. If a complaint has been booked after a lapse of 7 days from the completion of the service, the warranty of the service shall cease to operate.
  5. The service request can be lodged 24×7 online and from 9AM to 9PM on calls. However very few services will operate on National Holidays.
  6. In case the authorized technician reaches the address of customer and the house is locked, or the customer cancels the call. It would be essential for the customer to re-lodge the service request.
  7. 1CALLFix holds the right to cancel any call at any time due to any external/internal reasons.
  8. In case of any dispute between the customer and “1CALLFix”, the parties agree to resolve the matter amicably vide arbitration. In case of arbitration failure, the customer accepts that the disputes are subject exclusively to Nellore jurisdiction only under the terms of this Agreement.
  9. The technicians are required to behave professionally and properly with customers. In case violations of the same are observed, the customer is requested to lodge a complaint against the technician at customer care centre.
  10. In case any criminal act is committed by the technician while providing services, the customer, at its own will can take direct action under the laws of country on such technicians and also keep 1CALLFix informed on full details of the same.
  11. In case of any action taken by the customer against the technician in pursuant to point 21 above, the customer is informed that he/she cannot make 1CALLFix a party to such offence, as a person is individually and severally liable for any criminal act committed by him/her.
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